What the webinar covers:

Successfully maintaining business continuity during times of volatility requires equal parts planning, rapid responsiveness and constant communication.

The COVID-19 pandemic is presenting enormous challenges for businesses of all sizes and industries. This latest, and in many ways severest, disruption to business as usual demands an immediate response in order to ensure continuity. But just as important, what that response is will have direct impact on an organization’s long-term viability.

In our 20-minute on-demand webinar, Navigating Business During Disruption, Corcentric Source-to-Pay SVP of Sales Dan Andrew and VP of Sales Nina Doherty lay out practical, measured steps you can and should take now to help minimize the negative impacts of this pandemic and future disruptions. We are all living through unprecedented times, but we are all in this together.

Watch Navigating Business During Disruption to learn what you can do right now.

What you will learn:

  • Manage business fluctuations through automation
  • Get the most out of your procurement policies for cost savings
  • Get better handle on cash management