What the webinar covers:

Process improvement can increase operational efficiency and effectiveness, yet manual and paper-based processes are major barrier to improvement. But that is changing. An IOFM survey found that 51 percent of AP departments expect to eliminate most of the paper supplier invoices they currently receive by implementing an automated, digital solution.

Join Dan Andrew, Corcentric’s Senior Vice President of Sales, as he details the benefits you’ll realize through automating your accounts payable and why it is essential to choose the right provider.

What you will learn:

Reduced costs vs Top performers spend

$1.77 to process an invoice vs. more than $7 for non-automated peers.

Higher staff productivity Top-performers process more than 10 times the invoices per FTE than their non-automated peers.

Less paper handling Top-performersautomatically match 90 percent of their invoices and purchase orders on the first pass.