What the webinar covers:

Business-to-business payments have seen little change over the past years. But the pandemic changed all that. The outdated, manual processes that many businesses use to pay their suppliers became serious liability overnight. And the working capital shortcomings of paying suppliers with paper checks have been amplified by the need to better manage cash during the economic fallout of the crisis.

There is now more pressure on accounts payable departments to complete the last mile of automation by rethinking the way that their business pays its suppliers. This means offering solutions that can digitize payments and help optimize working capital. During this webinar, our speaker reveals how your business can leverage innovative payments solutions to thrive in the next normal and provides detailed action plan on how to optimize your payments to suppliers.

What you will learn:

  • Benchmarks on how the pandemic impacted the way businesses pay suppliers
  • The operational and strategic benefits of paying suppliers electronically
  • Look at the benefits including supply chain finance as part of payment solution
  • An action plan for automating and optimizing your payments to suppliers


Kelly Barner, Partner, Head of Content Brand Partnerships, AOP

Kelly Barner is Procurement’supply Chain Writer and Influencer, and the Owner and Managing Director of Buyers Meeting Point. She’s also the General Manager at the Art of Procurement and the Show Host for an upcoming Supply Chain Now monthly livestream, Dial for Procurement.