What the webinar covers:

Successful companies understand that P2P technology has the potential to transform business by opening the doors to streamlined workflows, improved supplier relationships, and more visibility. But often, the path to P2P is bumpy one. Why? Because organizations fail to align the overall strategy to the business as whole.

In this Art of Procurement Webinar, Three Problems that Will Make Your P2P Implementation Fail, Joe Payne, SVP, Source-to-Pay, Jennifer Ulrich, Senior Director, Advisory, and Tom Pellescki, VP of Professional and Managed Services from Corcentric, discuss three common issues with P2P implementations and how they all tie back to Procurement’s ability to lead successful change management initiative.

What you will learn:

  • Why companies struggle with their P2P implementations
  • The types of ROI that C-level leaders outside of procurement expect to see from P2P and how to deliver them
  • The specific investments in change management that will increase both the likelihood of success with P2P implementation and ROI

Kelly Barner

Kelly Barner, Partner, Head of Content ─ Brand Partnerships, AOP

Kelly Barner is ─ Procurement ─ Supply Chain Writer and Influencer, and the Owner and Managing Director of Buyers Meeting Point. She’s also the General Manager at the Art of Procurement and the Show Host for an upcoming Supply Chain Now monthly livestream, Dial ─ for Procurement.

Tom Pellescki

Tom Pellescki, VP of Professional and Managed Services, Corcentric

Tom Pellescki is the Vice President of Professional and Managed Services at Corcentric. He has Big and boutique experience in leading clients through the implementation of ERP and custom industry exchange platforms. He brought that expertise to the S2P space and now has over 20 years? experience in building teams that lead clients through successful digital transformations in Source to Pay processes. His teams focus on understanding the nuances of the customers business better than they do to drive business outcomes with the principle that ?go-live? itself is not business outcome. Client successful outcomes can be facilitated through enabling Corcentric best practice Managed Services or leveraging these best practices through customer self-enablement.

Joe Payne, SVP, Source-to-Pay, Corcentric

Joe Payne is a sourcing and procurement expert. He has spent his entire career working with many different companies, ranging from mid-sized and large companies to the Fortune 100, to optimize their sourcing and procurement strategies. As a strategic sourcing consultant, he has worked to identify a company’s unique sourcing needs, identify optimal areas for improvement, and ensure a tailored approach that drives performance improvement. As the SVP of Source to Pay for Corcentric, Joe is extending his expertise into the rest of the source to pay process. Corcentric’s innovative, single-source solution helps companies to optimize all or part of their source to pay process. By using a remarkable combination of human experts, technology, and best practices, Corcentric’s source to pay solution saves time, millions of dollars, and provides high-quality visibility into organizational spend that allows for appropriate and rapid decision making.

Jennifer Ulrich

Jennifer Ulrich, Senior Director of Advisory, Corcentric

Jennifer Ulrich has over decade of consulting experience, with focus on Procurement and Category Management. She has successfully led large-scale initiatives for both direct and indirect spend categories in industries including biotech, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and consumer packaged goods.