What the white paper covers:

Those organizations that thrive even survive throughout the global economy’s next era will do so because of closer ties between their Procurement and Logistics functions. As market and organizational complexity grow, so too does the overriding need for collaborative partnership approach to better deal with it.

In Bringing Procurement and Logistics Together, our goal is to lay out practical steps that organizations can use to establish collaborative strategy and framework for bringing these two critical functions together to achieve common goals.

Every company needs an intelligent Sourcing strategy download our guide to learn how Corcentric can assess your market and build your successful Logistics approach.

What you will learn:

    • Our proven four-phase approach based on the specific requirements of client or prospect, including establishing profiles, industry assessment, carrier and routing guides, and more.
    • Customer business use cases that illustrate some of the unique and typical ways Corcentric is able to implement innovative Sourcing strategies for Logistics clients.
    • Defining savings strategy by utilizing predictive approach for project goals and potential savings, along with the many factors that come into play.