What the white paper covers:

Many businesses still insist on delivering invoices, contracts and all manner of legal or financial documents as paper documents with handwritten signatures.

This hesitancy is more than just human resistance to change. It’s an ingrained reluctance to alter anything pertaining to the most sensitive of business processes and documents. So as the lower value-density of general communications shift to email, instant messages and beyond, the higher value-density of legal and financial document distribution remain, for some businesses, as paper.

In this paper, we look at best practice across key areas of document distribution, as well as practical steps for businesses to modernize their document distribution, and future-proof this investment in change.

What you will learn:

    • What the legal status of digital vs. paper documents is and how digital signatures can be used to replace their “wet ink” equivalents
    • How to improve security in your business document distribution
    • How document distribution is set to evolve and how to embrace these changes for competitive advantage