What the white paper covers:

When company reaches point where it’s growing rapidly, it makes for great press releases and meetings with analysts and financial firms. But, if the organization is not prepared for that growth from an operational standpoint specifically, procurement then serious challenges to sustaining that growth will impede it, or even cause setbacks.

In How to Prepare Procurement to Scale Up Smoothly, Corcentric shares the five key elements that CPOs and their procurement teams need to have firmly in hand to help drive successful growth. Where is your spend going? Do you have the right talent? Is your sourcing strategic enough? By focusing on the right criteria, your organization will be ready to scale up smoothly.

What you will learn:

  • Why procurement needs to refocus how it hires, collaborates and engages across the organization
  • How to manage spend effectively when revenues are growing dramatically
  • What to look for in your talent base to ensure your skillsets are ready and future proof.
  • Why stakeholder engagement is make-or-break priority

When your company growth starts to accelerate, be ready with the right people, practices and policies in place Download How to Prepare Procurement to Scale Up Smoothly from Corcentric and meet the challenges successfully.