What the white paper covers:

Almost three-quarters of organizations were the target of payment fraud attacks in 2020, and many AP leaders cite fraud as their department’s biggest challenge.

These figures are startling and have a tremendous impact on an organization’s bottom line. This guide offers actionable insights for organizations looking to step up their approach to reducing risk and making fraud mitigation part of corporate culture.


Of businesses say BEC attacks are their organization’s primary source of payment fraud.

What you will learn:

  • The primary types of payment fraud: BEC attacks, account takeovers, and supplier impersonation
  • The different ways payment fraud can cost your company money: fraud losses, tools and headcount, partner impact
  • How organizations are mitigating fraud: AP automation, standardized processes, payment reconciliation automation
  • 5 steps AP and procurement leaders can take to align stakeholders with your fraud strategy


Of companies combat ACH fraud by
reconciling accounts daily.