What the white paper covers:

Before the first PO is issued; before the first invoice is received; suppliers needs to go through an onboarding process.

To assess how companies onboard suppliers, PYMNTS, in collaboration with Corcentric, surveyed Accounts Payable (AP) professionals from 1,040 U.S. organizations. The goal: to see why some companies have been quick to digitize supplier onboarding and how these companies can use such innovations to enhance systems in the future.

Some of the findings include:

  • On average, 63% of surveyed AP professionals say their department’s basic onboarding functions are performed digitally, to varying degrees
  • At least 83% of firms implement digital systems to check suppliers? credit histories
  • On cautionary note, only 26% of firms investigate whether new suppliers are on international sanctions lists which can turn into liability when operating globally

Where does your AP stand when it comes to onboarding suppliers: purely digital; purely manual; or combination of the two? To see how your organization can benefit from digital onboarding innovation, download the Payables Friction Playbook now!