What the eBook covers:

The path to e-invoicing and electronic document distribution can appear daunting for some businesses. With such critical deliverables, security and reliability are essential. Tasking, already overburdened, IT departments with solution development and/or integration may not appeal, so this eBook explores lower-risk, lower-cost, and more effective alternative.

This paper looks at how Corcentric EIPP can help businesses quickly and easily deploy, manage and maintain class-leading e-invoicing and electronic document distribution. Taking the leap has never been easier.

What you will learn:

  • Why global businesses trust Corcentric EIPP to deliver their invoices, statements and other financial documents
  • How easy it is to deploy Corcentric EIPP across multiple brands, regions and languages and manage centrally
  • How Corcentric EIPP removes the need for IT development and presents fully-managed service for e-invoicing