What the white paper covers:

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory examines the motivations behind why people do things, not what they do. This focus on priorities also applies to any of the functions in an enterprise especially procurement.

In our four-stage hierarchy of value, you’ll learn how procurement will always have the need to achieve savings, but also why that’s no longer enough. Because, once savings are identified and achieved, to climb the procurement maturity curve organizations will have to constantly evolve to become more collaborative, risk focused and compliant to bring ever more value and influence to businesses. Procurement is vital function in any organization; Download your eBook to learn how it can also evolve into critical business driver.

What you will learn:

  • Visibility and the need for constructive compliance
  • Managing risk is an inside out strategy
  • Collaboration is the path to value creation
  • How to keep moving up the maturity curve