What the white paper covers:

The 3-way match (PO, Goods Receipt, and Invoice) is the “gold standard” for accounts payable, enabling them to verify that supplier invoices for goods received are correct and approved for payment. But if you are still relying on paper-based manual processes, it can be extremely challenging to achieve that “gold standard.”

This white paper defines the 3-way match and describes the roadblocks and pitfalls that occur when relying on legacy systems, including timing, data, and visibility issues. But there is way to ensure accuracy and on-time payments: automating the 3-way match.

What you will learn:

Automating your 3-way process will:

  • Cut invoice processing time by up to 70%
  • Reduce duplicate and erroneous payments, which will be flagged for further handling
  • Detect invoice fraud since the invoice would not match the PO or Receipt of Goods
  • Make auditing more efficient by maintaining records for the
    audit trail