What the white paper covers:

Whether your company is looking to proactively mitigate risk, control cost, or improve revenue, an Enterprise CLM (ECLM) strategy can help you achieve those objectives. What are your organization’s expectations? In the highly competitive global marketplace, wider varieties of contract types, increased government regulatory requirements, and larger numbers of stakeholders are making contract management even more crucial and complex. That’s where an ECLM strategy comes in.

“Ineffective contract management costs the average company 9.2% of annual revenue.” – IACCM

Many enterprises today are demanding more from their contract management systems. Our guide shows you what?s driving the evolution, and how ECLM can provide visibility to opportunities. With most companies having 20,000 to 40,000 contracts, the facts and figures speak for themselves: by adopting CLM solutions, organizations are better able to manage costs and risks, and improve revenue. Learn how Enterprise CLM can make your organization more effective and efficient.

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What you will learn:

  • Contract management challenges for all stakeholders
  • The ECLM journey from adoption to optimization
  • The benefits of ECLM vs. contract information silos