White Paper

Getting Started with PEPPOL for Electronic Invoicing

This whitepaper outlines how accounts receivable and credit management are embracing technology to streamline and improve efficiency, whilst improving customer experience.

What the guide covers:

With over 30 countries now actively participating in the ongoing development of the PEPPOL framework, its status as a de facto B2G standard has never been more certain.

This guide looks at what PEPPOL is, where it is best applied, where its limitations lie, and how to overcome these. We will also review why the PEPPOL network provides an easy, low-cost, low-risk approach to delivering documents to organisations.

What you will learn:

  • What PEPPOL is and why it has become so popular
  • What the benefits of PEPPOL are and how it fits into the business landscape
  • Where PEPPOL’s limitations lie and how to connect with the PEPPOL network in a way that allows extension beyond these limits