Use Case

Mixed Media and Mixed Format Invoicing

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What the use case will cover:

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Despite the best intentions of those driving the electronic invoicing revolution, there is a tendency towards format diversification. Even if specific industries, or regions, adopt an e-invoicing standard, there will always be a need to support those using older formats, or those outside of the standardised region.

This use case outlines a typical business scenario, demanding both invoice format and media type variations. We then demonstrate how Corcentric EIPP addresses both challenges, presenting a complete invoicing solution.

What you will learn:

  • how to migrate customers to e-invoicing whilst supporting paper-based invoicing through the same platform
  • how to outsource the complexity and cost of printed and posted invoices, EDI and other invoicing channels – whilst retaining full control
  • how to support legacy and emerging e-invoicing standards as well as integrating with EDI and EU public sector XML-based invoicing platforms