Risk Of Foregoing Automated Accounts Payable Solutions


A recent survey found that many commercial and corporate organizations are still relying on ?manual processes? when it comes to their accounts payable operations, thereby missing out on the financial, operational and technological benefits already enjoyed by their rivals. While manual processes and record keeping may seem like an acceptable alternative, they are fraught with risks that could be avoided by leveraging the proper software solutions.

With more emphasis on financial efficiency and strategies, business leaders require proactive financial operations, in order to maximize their ROI and competitiveness. Manual accounts payable processes can impede such objectives, leading to an inefficient and cumbersome practice that falls short on accountability and cost savings, ultimately resulting in diminished returns.

In comparison, accounts payable automation software streamlines, automates and simplifies the entire accounts payable process, from purchase order creation to payment. Such solutions eliminate human error, drastically reduce paperwork, and boost accuracy and efficiency, which translates into significant cost savings. In addition, automated AP processes facilitate compliance requirements and aid audit trails to minimize fraud and suspicious activities.

Accounts payable automation solutions also provide improved visibility by way of powerful analytics and insight, as well as provide reporting. This helps CFOs to identify and monitor areas such as spend categories, vendor activity and payment status in real-time. Furthermore, automation solutions boast improved data accuracy, more efficient financial decision-making, greater transparency and accountability, and smoother collaboration between departments.

Organizations that rely on manual Accounting systems are putting their organizations finances and strategic objectives at risk. Manual systems are more prone to errors and miscalculations, and make it virtually impossible to take advantage of risk mitigation, cost control and improved cash flow. On the other hand, accounts payable automation solutions combine innovative features, sophisticated analytics and advanced reporting, which in turn lead to improved financial operations and unparalleled control over the entire AP process.

In conclusion, automated accounts payable solutions offer numerous advantages over manual processes, and can lead to range of benefits that can help optimize spend, improve risk management, and ultimately drive bottom-line savings. CFOs and executives should evaluate the potential benefits of such software solutions for their organizations.