Risk Of Not Using Software For Client Toll Management


businesses today are increasingly reliant on technology and software services in order to remain competitive, particularly when it comes to managing client fleets. Not utilizing software to manage client tolls can present multiple risks, making it an unnecessary burden on companies operations and finances.

Without the implementation of fleet solutions software, business can experience disruption in the consistency and accuracy of client information. It would be up to the company to manually track toll spending and several mistakes could be made along the way including double payments, missed charges and lost time for staff.

From financial perspective, without suitable software, business would be unable to take advantage of incentives or discounts that come with toll pass subscription services, as well as any other additional features offered. This would diminish visibility into spending and increase the potential of over-spending and process delays.

Additionally, utilizing software solution will also enable faster dispute resolutions and credit refunds. For example, certain software provides toll violations alerts along with the ability to appeal violations and handle payments. Not using software service could lead to disruptions and time delays for the business due to tracking invoices, and having to manually follow up with billing inquiries.

In terms of safety, fleet solutions software plays major role in helping to protect fleet assets, as well as the safety of the people vouching for the assets, such as drivers. Without suitable software, business would be unable to track the route of the fleet, difficulty positioning them when there are issues, unavailable information on the duration of trips, and an inability to throttle potential vehicle bad behavior.

Therefore, it is essential that businesses give thought to their toll management solutions and include software solutions. This will ensure accuracy and consistency in client information, as well as provide means to spot savings opportunities and increase safety within the fleet. C-suite executives should consider the potential risks associated with not implementing fleet solutions software and work to ensure that their business is making the most of available opportunities to optimize their processes and ensure the safety of their personnel.