Risks Of Not Using Automated ARManagement Software


Managing accounts receivable can be challenge for any commercial enterprise. Trying to track customer orders, payments and account receivables without the help of software solution leads to inaccurate records and the potential loss of customers. Companies that choose to forego automated AR management software face many risks, from loss of customer satisfaction to lost revenue.

Though manually processing orders and tracking receivables is feasible option for smaller companies, businesses that are looking to grow must consider the benefits of automated solutions. By using comprehensive Order to Cash (O2C) software solution, businesses can streamline account receivables processes, resulting in improved customer satisfaction, faster cash cycles and increased profits.

One of the most common risks of not using automated AR management solutions is mismanaged accounts. Without an automated O2C system, records can become inaccurate or incomplete, leading to billing errors, incorrect customer records and late payments. This leads to unhappy customers who can take their business elsewhere and missed opportunities to increase customer loyalty. Additionally, any mistakes in the collection process can lead to financial loss due to the additional time needed to find the problem and the money lost if the customer refuses to pay.

Another risk associated with not using automated AR management software is slower order to cash cycle. Slow order processing can lead to delays in payment, extended finance charges and charge-backs. This can lead to significant losses of revenue as customers will turn to competitors who are able to process orders accurately and quickly. In addition, slow processing could lead to disruption in cash flows, creating financial difficulties for the company.

Finally, not using an automated AR management solution can lead to decreased efficiency and higher administrative costs. Without the ability to quickly access data and generate automated reports, it can be difficult to track accounts receivable and the status of customer orders. This leaves important decisions up to chance, as the lack of accurate data leaves companies in the dark. Furthermore, the need for additional personnel or outsourced resources to complete orders and generate reports can lead to greater expenses.

In summary, for commercial enterprises to efficiently and effectively manage accounts receivable, it is essential to consider the advantages of an automated O2C software solution. This can help mitigate the many risks associated with not using such systems, including inaccurate records, slow order cycles, missed opportunities and increased administrative costs.