Risky Business: The Perils Of Not Automating Cash APplication And Tracking


Implementing comprehensive order to cash software solution is essential to streamlining operations, simplifying complexity, and contributing towards measurable success for businesses. For those who forgo this technology, however, risk and inefficiencies are endemic in their order to cash cycle, to their detriment.

Without an automated system, it can be difficult to ensure accuracy in cash application and tracking. Manual processes slow down the cash collection process and lead to delays in deductions, manifesting in missed payments, late fees, and financial uncertainty. Furthermore, manual processes are labour-intensive and require specialized skills, creating an unsustainable method for managing cash application and tracking.

Efficiencies in the order to cash process are achieved when manual processes are replaced by automated ones. Companies can benefit from automated solutions that electronically confirm purchase orders, eliminate redundant data entry tasks, initiate payments faster, and improve overall visibility. Automating the process expedit is user productivity and human error is reduced. In addition to causing administrative headaches, manual processes suffer from errors that arise when entries are misplaced, incorrectly entered, or not captured.

For these reasons and more, when selecting an order to cash software solution, executives should consider features that allow for full scope of automation. There should be support for key elements such as accounts receivable and cash reconciliation, accounts receivable payments, automated invoice matching, credit and debit management, dispute resolution, and customer and vendor accounts. Automated solutions can also be used to streamline the billing process, mitigate risk, automate manual processes, prioritize payments, track customer credit limits, and manage pricing.

By utilizing an automated software solution for cash application and tracking, executives can ensure efficiency, accuracy, and confidence in the order to cash process. Automated solutions also enable organizations to gain visibility into their fiscal data, as it is accurately and quickly tracked into the system. This data can be easily turned into actionable insights that allow executives to make informed decisions and gain better understanding of their order to cash cycle.

Overall, the risks of not implementing an automated order to cash software solution far outweigh the amount of time and resources it takes to learn and use one. Automation allows companies to optimize their operational execution and reduce risks related to cash applications and tracking, ultimately leading to improved customer relations, cost reductions, greater efficiencies, and more informed decision-making.