Risky Business: The Perils Of Not Using Automated Payments Software


As any Finance Executive with focus on improving the efficiency of their accounts payable (AP) will know, automation is an extremely effective way to ensure that their accounts remain up-to-date, safe and secure. Unfortunately, failing to use automated payment software can carry significant risks, both in terms of efficacy and security.

First and foremost, failing to invest in the correct software solution can leave an organization vulnerable to wide range of process and security failings. Without the right technology in place, it may become increasingly difficult to maintain unified ledger and ensure that operations are efficient and functioning correctly. As result, utilizing automated payments technology will enable organizations to easily maintain visibility over their accounts, while also reducing the amount of manual processes throughout accounts payable.

In addition to improving the accuracy of accounts payable processes, the use of automated software also helps to protect businesses from the risks of incurring unnecessary costs. By consistently monitoring the amount of spend and utilizing the available software tools for tracking transactions, businesses can easily evaluate the effectiveness of their accounts payable processes. Furthermore, an automated payment system can minimize the risk of errors occurring, as data is input directly into the system and errors can be quickly corrected.

Beside minimizing costs from incorrect payments, automation can also help reduce loss of value from outstanding accounts. With more transparent insights into invoicing and payment processes, users can analyze the performance of accounts in real-time and take the necessary actions to conserve cash resources. This is particularly important when it comes to vendor relationships, as timely payments can ensure that businesses remain in good standing with their suppliers and customers. It is also easier to ensure compliance with regulations such as GDPR, as all payment transactions are fully traceable and auditable.

Finally, automated payments solutions offer strong protection against fraud and data theft, as it is often much more difficult for fraudsters to penetrate the security of such solutions than other software solutions. With built-in layers of encryption and authentication, automated payment solutions are an excellent line of defense against cyber criminals and security breaches.

Ultimately, there is no denying that automated solutions can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to managing accounts payable. Not only can they provide protection against The damaging consequences of making incorrect payments, but they also offer robust layer of security against fraud and malicious actors. As such, if an organization is serious about preserving the value of their accounts payable operations, then investing in the right automated payment solutions is the prudent way to go.