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Strategic Sourcing For Manufacturers

In today’s increasingly interconnected and interdependent global marketplace, manufacturers face an ever-growing list of challenges in order to remain competitive.

To be successful, many large scale manufacturing operations often must find a keen balance that addresses the more task-focused needs of the production process as well as the financial planning, oversight and control requirements of any major modern business organization.
Since 1992, Corcentric professionals have worked with some of the world’s leading manufacturing companies to help them optimize their spending, locate reliable and economical sources of raw materials, products and components for their manufacturing processes, and develop ways to make their operations more efficient and cost-effective.

Our strategic sourcing services for manufacturing companies go beyond strictly cost reduction services. We can assist in:

The cost reduction services we have provided to manufacturers span the full range of business operations. For example:

  • Our professionals worked with the banking and treasury services area of a major manufacturer to review all payables and receivables processed through their department in order to identify possible cost savings and to source more cost-effective service providers in categories involving checking fees, interest rates, direct deposits, reporting fees and more.
  • Corcentric worked with a manufacturer of containers to evaluate projected cost increases for materials involved in production and developed a strategy to negotiate significant savings that mitigated and offset much of the anticipated increases.
  • For a chemical manufacturer, Corcentric developed a strategy that enabled the company to realize major cost savings over the long-term by adding a new filtration infrastructure to its existing system. The approach enabled the company to purchase much less expensive chemicals that had a lower level of purity – but then filter the chemicals through the new filtering system to achieve the same high level of quality. Though there was an initial cost to create the new filtering system, the investment was paid off within six months and long-term savings began to accrue immediately.

All together, our cost reduction professionals have provided oversight in every project area; developing sourcing strategies, performing negotiations, and assisting in the development and implementation of best practices throughout the scope of our manufacturing clients’ needs. All told, we have produced an average 18% savings in every category that we have sourced.

Furthermore, because our fee structure is aligned directly to our client’s strategic interests, our earnings are contingent on our ability to achieve real savings. In short, our manufacturing clients pay us out of actual hard-dollar savings only after they are obtained.

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