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Indirect Spend Management Consulting

Facility Build Out and Capital Project Procurement

Capital project managers, occupied with coordinating infrastructure, finance, construction, engineering, and architectural teams are often overburdened and unable to efficiently source the products needed to furnish new facilities or improve infrastructure. Corcentric can help!

Partnering with a strategic sourcing provider for the acquisition of capital assets such as equipment, property, buildings, and other CAPEX allows project managers to expand their budget while ensuring timely delivery of high quality products. With a strategic partner who understands the importance of the design and vision of a new facility build out or infrastructure upgrade, capital project managers will be better able to improve budgets and deadlines.

Our sourcing professionals integrate themselves into your project management team to save you time and while while meeting facility plan and design expectations for your capital expense projects.
Utilizing a proven strategic sourcing process and subject-matter expertise, Corcentric helps institutions reduce capital equipment and services expenses. Our team has the time, resources and market intelligence to ensure that you are getting the best possible value out of all of your capital expense initiatives.

Corcentric’s subject-matter experts on facility build out and capital project procurement can reduce costs across a number of categories, including:

  • Computer Equipment and Servers
  • Office and Hospitality Build-Outs, including Furniture
  • Fixed Assets
  • Intangible Assets
  • Asset Upgrades
  • Property Restorations or Adaptations
  • New Business Acquisitions
  • Leases
  • Fleet and Vehicles

Corcentric can work with your sourcing group and stakeholders to ensure that you are receiving the best possible capital equipment and assets at the lowest possible price.

Operational Supplies and Expenses Savings Strategies

Frequently, many capital improvement projects don’t offer a lot of time to allow finance and procurement groups to focus on anything other than the big ticket capital expense projects.

Corcentric can help. We offer the resources and subject matter experts to expand your abilities and dive deeper into often overlooked spend categories such as recurring indirect and operational spend.Through unparalleled cross-industry market intelligence and best-practices, we are able to provide strategic savings and strategic supply chain improvements.

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