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Material Handling Cost Reduction and Strategic Sourcing Services

Corcentric’s MRO Procurement consultants supplement our clients’ internal teams to develop and execute Material Handling Strategic Sourcing initiatives to reduce costs and develop competitive advantages.

Material Handling is among the most complicated sectors of MRO spend. Comprised of forklifts, reach trucks, batteries, fleet management software, dollies, and similar equipment, effective sourcing in the category is essential for optimizing warehouse operations and maximizing fleet life.

Developing an approach to Material Handling Strategic Sourcing means navigating a crowded provider landscape.  Procurement teams are tasked with weighing the benefits of local manufacturers versus those of national distributors. While these Material Handling providers offer similar types of equipment, the quality and life of their Material Handling products are far from consistent. Securing a cost effective relationship with a high-quality Material Handling provider typically requires more resources and Procurement expertise than an overworked organization is capable of providing.

Procurement professionals in the Material Handling space are confronted with a number of variables. To determine the most cost-effective sourcing strategy, they need to decide between purchasing new Material Handling equipment, purchasing used Material Handling equipment, renting this equipment, leasing it, or outsourcing their Material Handling operations to a Fleet Management provider.

Arriving at their sourcing strategy is further complicated by numerous variables. Seasonality of Material Handling needs, in-house maintenance capacity, daily Material Handling use, and other factors all play into Procurement’s decision making. The enormity of this task leads many organizations to develop ineffective methods for sourcing within the category. Locked into ineffective Material Handling partnerships, they miss out on savings and suffer through inefficient warehouse operations.

That’s where Corcentric’s Material Handling Strategic Sourcing experts come in.

Our cost reduction consultants produce savings through Material Handling supplier consolidation, rent vs. purchase optimization, rebates, and other incentives. Savings, however are just one benefit of our Material Handling sourcing services. Throughout Material Handling engagements, we concentrate our efforts to help clients establish a Material Handling fleet that meets safety, operational, and quality standards while offering scalability to support organizational growth. Reach out to our Strategic Sourcing specialists today. Together, we’ll optimize your approach to Material Handling or any category of MRO spend.

MRO Strategic Sourcing

Since 1992, Corcentric’s Strategic Sourcing specialists have helped organizations optimize their approach to all categories of direct and indirect spend. Providing the resources necessary for more proactive, strategic, and informed sourcing, we make their clients’ cost reduction goals a reality.

Industrial Supplies Strategic Sourcing

Corcentric’s MRO Procurement specialists empower our clients to optimize their approach to Industrial Supplies spend. With our support, organizations meet their cost reduction goals and establish long-term strategic partnerships without sacrificing quality.

Strategic Sourcing for Industrial Supplies 

Electrical Supplies Strategic Sourcing

The MRO Strategic Sourcing team at Corcentric works alongside clients to develop customized strategies for managing their Electrical Supplies spend. Supported by our expert consultants, organizations reduce costs, promote efficiency, and establish valuable vendor relationships.

Strategic Sourcing for Electrical Supplies

Packaging Strategic Sourcing

Packaging is essential to the safety and commercial appeal of a product. Corcentric’s MRO Procurement experts empower clients to make informed, strategic purchasing decisions for their packaging spend. Most meet their cost reduction goals without even transitioning to a new supplier.

Strategic Sourcing for Packaging

PVF Strategic Sourcing

Clients trust Corcentric’s MRO category experts to plan and execute effective Strategic Sourcing initiatives. Leveraging our years of experience, wealth of market intelligence, and cutting-edge Procurement technologies, we empower organizations to drive maximum value from their Pipes, Valves, and Fittings spend.

Strategic Sourcing for Pipes, Valves, and Fittings

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