MRO Strategic Sourcing – Corcentric’s Approach

MRO Spend Management Expertise from Corcentric

Few spend categories give Procurement professionals more headaches than Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO). Composed of thousands of subcategories, MRO spend can quickly become unmanageable. Organizations recognize the MRO category’s critical nature, but they rarely address the category effectively.

Companies typically take a decentralized approach to their MRO spend. They make their purchases on a site-by-site basis with little effort to aggregate or standardize their data. Poor communication, disorganization, and a lack of transparency lead many to miss out on MRO cost savings opportunities.

When these missed opportunities come to light, most organizations assume a centralized approach will solve their problems. They’re very rarely correct in this assumption.

Driven by corporate mandates, they consolidate spend to top-tier distributors and lock in contracts with unattainable growth incentives. The supplier themselves often leads the implementation process with their own revenue-based goals and objectives in mind. Over time, friction emerges and savings and compliance both suffer.

Corcentric’s MRO experts know there’s no one-size-fits-all for managing spend in the category.