Seizing Operational Gains Through Accounts Payable Automation Software


Accounting personnel have traditionally been reliant on manual processes to support payment processing and accounts payable reconciliations. As an enterprise’s financial landscape grows increasingly complex, manual process strain the limits of scalability and labor resources. An accounts payable automation software then becomes valuable tool for streamlining accounts payable and driving operational gains.

Financial executives are increasingly encountering the need for optimized accounts payable. The journey of payment–from procurement to payment disbursement– can often be clunky, and manual accounts payable processes are often rife with manual errors and questionable efficiencies. Hence, they often seek out technology-driven solutions that can better ensure accuracy, compliance and optimal processes. An automated accounts payable system can distinctly support the desired performance gains while also maximizing cash economy and visibility into the accounts payable domain. Specifically, advanced software solutions should bring the following benefits.

First, modern accounts payable automation software should be able to eliminate manual invoice processing. By enabling the capture, recognition and indexing of invoices–either through the capturing of paper documents or the integrative processing of electronic invoices–the manual entry process can be significantly diminished. This will also save considerable resources for more strategic projects. In addition, reduction of manual data entry can achieve greater accuracy in the entire process.

Second, advanced automation software promotes better payment control. It enables financial executives to manage changing payment terms and limits, improve visibility into payment directions and create better analytics about coupon and payment performance. Moreover, the software should be able to integrate with the enterprise’s general ledger system and ERP, thus enabling more streamlined view of accounts payable.

Third, good accounts payable automation software will also automate accounts payables processes in the vendor management domain. Through enabling accurate and timely payments, the software can contribute to cost control, improve control over discounts, minimize and prevent financial risks, and ensure that records are compliant with government regulations. Moreover, powerful analytics module should permit dynamic insights into invoice aging and vendor payment performance.

Finally, the right accounts payable automation solution should promote digital and mobile networks, thus creating an all-encompassing, secure and efficient accounts payable ecosystem. This drives faster cycle times, higher accuracy and compliance, and cost savings throughout the entire organization.

Financial executives should recognize the strategic value of adopting automated accounts payable software. By doing so, the entire process will become much more streamlined and simplified with visibility, accuracy, and faster payments driving the overall performance. Seizing these gains through accounts payable automation software will ultimately harness the tremendous potential to gain strong competitive edge in the market.