Seizing The Benefits Of Managed Services Through Procurement


In order to make the most of managed services, you should first assess the companies existing IT infrastructure. Identify areas where you need assistance and discover the services that your organization may need. Some areas that you may consider for managed services include desktop management, patch management, 24/7 monitoring, and software maintenance and development.

Step 2: Find the right MSP for your organization.Your organization will likely have its own specific needs, so make sure to find an MSP that is able to deliver package of services that meets those particular requirements. Review the various options available and choose the MSP that can best provide the services that you need. Make sure the MSP is reliable and provides customer service that is timely and effective.

Step 3: Make sure the services provided are in line with your budget and cost-efficiencies.The end goal of procuring managed services is to ensure your organization receives the most cost-savings. Analyze the costs to ensure you are selecting the best deal, and that the MSP adheres to the budget. Also consider other potential costs, including future upgrades or adjustments to accommodate any changes that may happen in the future.

Step 4: Decide how you will be paying for the services.Managed services offers various payment models, including pay-per-service, pay-as-you-use, and tiered pricing models. Take into consideration the scale of your operation and the resources you have available when deciding on the best payment model for your organization.

Step 5: Choose vendor and negotiate the terms of service.Depending on the size and scope of your organization, you can select either single MSP and negotiate the terms of service, or an integrated network of multiple MSPs for the services provided. Once you have chosen vendor, set out the parameters that are most important for the service process. This could include cost and performance accountability, delivery period, customer service or payment structure.

Step 6: Utilize the managed services.Finally, you can start using the managed services provided by the MSP. Make sure the MSP closely follows the terms of service so both parties can benefit from the agreement. Monitor the performance of managed services and ensure they are delivering the expected results.

ConclusionManaged services can be great asset to any organization, helping to reduce operational costs and streamlining processes. To maximize the value of managed services, it is important to consider the areas in need of assistance and partner with the right MSP for your requirements. Have clear idea of the budget, payment models and terms of service, and then make use of the services monitoring them along the way. With proper implementation and management, managed services can help your organization achieve more efficient and successful operation.