When you manage procurement effectively, you boost savings, innovation, and growth. With over 160+ supplier programs — in more than 100 categories, across a customer base of 2,000 procurement buyers — we provide the tools, insight, and procurement expertise that are right for you. In an effort to constantly improve process performance, we’ve expanded our offering to include Source One, an expert in strategic sourcing and procurement, to deliver even more savings.

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Accounts Payable Automation

Manual, paper-intensive processes reduce your organization’s profitability. By automating your payables, you’ll receive electronic invoices, track purchase orders, acquire approvals, manage billing and receipt of goods, and make payments — all with ease, speed, and greater savings to improve your bottom line.

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Accounts Receivable Automation

Most B2B transactions have a complexity problem — whether you’re a manufacturer experiencing strained cash flow or a group purchasing organization (GPO) faced with challenges managing member transactions. Corcentric cuts through these complexities by simplifying receivables and transaction management processes.

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For Your Business Needs

Optimize how you purchase, pay, and get paid, so your business runs smoother, spends smarter, and increases cash flow.

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For Your Industry

From retail to higher education, organizations from all industries turn to Corcentric to help them achieve dramatic savings while supporting growth.

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