Automated Three-Way Invoice Matching

At last, the perfect match
of PO, receipt, and invoice

Achieve the “gold standard” of accounts
payable with Corcentric Three-Way Match

Manual invoice matching is a slow, time-consuming, and labor-intensive process. It can be difficult to accumulate all the information needed to process an invoice, which often results in delayed payments and upset vendors. One way that AP departments can reduce invoice processing times by up to 70% is by automating the invoice matching process, ensuring an accurate three-way match.




Does lack of automation end up causing bottlenecks throughout your process?



How many (unproductive) hours is your team wasting on manual matching inputs?



What’s the impact on cash flow when a lack of automation slows everything down?

Keep things moving…faster

Even if your AP team can view POs and receipt of goods data electronically in your system so you can match received orders against POs, what about the invoices? Corcentric’s 3-way match automation capabilities eliminate the extra steps involved when invoices are received as paper or .pdfs instead of e-invoices. That saves not only team hours, but accelerates the entire AP automation process and achieves savings that go right to the bottom line.

It’s all about the algorithm

Corcentric’s configurable automatic three-way matching algorithm gives you full control over how invoices match and what line item matching fields are required. This flexibility allows companies to modify their matching rules as needed, without incurring extra costs to change how the match works. This 3-way match invoice processing provides the highest possible match rate to allow for the majority of invoices to process straight through Corcentric to your AP system or ERP without processor intervention.

EDI for Electronic Invoicing your way

Increase efficiency by
streamlining processes

Corcentric’s accounts receivable invoice matching solution empowers your AP with automation and workflows that follow your internal control policies for cost center allocation, approval authority, and high dollar authorization. Duplicate invoices are automatically flagged and escalated, and mobile-friendly email notifications and alerts are built in to remind approvers. Most importantly, you gain visibility into the status of every invoice at every step of the process.

How Corcentric 3-Way Match Works

When a purchase order is sent via Cor360 Purchase Order, the supplier fulfills the order and then flips the purchase order into an e-invoice. When the e-invoice is received, Cor360 Approval Workflow automatically matches the document against the original purchase order and the receipt of goods notification. If these documents match within tolerance levels set by the customer, the invoice is processed straight through to the organization’s ERP systems for payment…with no human intervention.

Corcentric Payables: Invoice Virtualization Center

Did you know?


Best-in-Class organizations
have a 3.4x higher rate of
touchless invoice processing


Best-in-Class organizations are
75% more likely to use automatic
matching of invoices to contracts

Source: 2020 Ardent Partners AP Metrics that Matter

Learn how three-way match makes your AP best-in-class

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