Catalog Management

Simplify purchasing to
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Corcentric Catalog Management takes users from catalog to cart quickly, easily, and compliantly

Integrated within our modular, platform-based Procure-to-Pay solution, Corcentric’s best-practice Catalog Management gives users an Amazon-like shopping experience to keep purchasing on-contract and on budget. Self-service supplier collaboration tools allow vendors and third-parties to maintain real-time catalog content updates, making it simple to ensure all your catalogs are in sync with your procurement contracts.

The Corcentric Online Store: The B2B e-Commerce Catalog Management Solution

Using standard catalog formats like Open Catalog Interface (OCI) and cXML, the Corcentric Online Store provides users of SAP SRM and other purchasing systems access to best-in-class catalog management and shopping cart capability that enables a more intuitive, simplified buying experience.

  • Punch-out catalogs are managed and controlled through Corcentric Catalog Management
  • Items can be easily imported directly into the catalogs using an Excel template provided by Corcentric
  • Built-in supplier collaboration tools allow managers to maintain real-time catalog content updating with a dynamic edit validation process
  • Access to catalogs can be configured in the Corcentric Online Store to provide users with a subset of available catalogs most relevant to their role within the company. This makes finding items much faster and easier for end-users
  • Items needed but not found in either the internal or punch-out catalogs can be automatically requested in the Corcentric system and procured through a subsequent sourcing event

How the Corcentric Online Store works

The “buying path” experience doesn’t change for end users – regardless of which ERP system you’re running:
Corcentric Source-to-Pay SSO

Step 1

The buying journey starts in your ERP (like SAP SRM) with the option to punch-out to Corcentric Catalog Management

Step 2

Users build shopping carts from approved supplier punch-out catalogs

Step 3

Once selections are made, the shopping cart and purchasing lines can be transferred back to your ERP

Step 4

Workflow approvals, accounting assignment and additional steps are completed.
Simple, right?
Our users can now place an order in 3 clicks. Our company had about 40 different systems to manage indirect purchasing – now everything is on a single platform that looks just like an e-commerce website.
eProcurement Manager, Retail Industry
A flexible and powerful tool that adapts easily to our business challenges and the complexity of our organization. It’s also an easy-to-use tool for users, with an experience like that of e-commerce sites.
Cécile Ballé, Head of Management Control and Purchasing, Arkema

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