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Spend + Procurement Analytics Software

Enable data-driven decision making

Corcentric’s Custom Analytics gives Sourcing and Procurement teams true visibility to turn raw data
into a strategic sourcing roadmap

Organizations generate a ton of spend data around the products and services they purchase from suppliers. The big data task at hand is organizing spend data in order to understand spend patterns by category, supplier and organizational units. Creating actionable intelligence requires the ability to accurately and easily consolidate, normalize and categorize supplier information and related procurement data from the sources of where spend data is generated. There’s gold in all that information; Corcentric’s Custom Analytics solution provides the holistic transparency that helps your procurement team transform spend data and visualize spend opportunities to guide purchasing behaviors, control costs, and drive bottom-line value.


Supplier Relevance

You know how much your organization spends, but who are your most critical suppliers?


Blind Purchasing

Does lack of spend visibility make it difficult to track demand?


Lost Opportunities

How much in savings are you missing without good spend data?


True Visibility with Spend and Procurement Analytics

Our spend analytics tools give you a single, holistic view of organization-wide spend data across all activities and data sources to gain deeper insights and convert company spend into strategic actionable intelligence.


Optimize performance through
clear, comprehensive KPIs

Create enhanced visualization of KPIs/ Charts/ Graphs Business performance analytics beyond spend Spend trends to anticipate spend demand and planning. Look at spend by type, business unit department. Leverage statistical analysis like Pareto and central tendency stats on supplier spend.

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Spend Assessment empowers
a smarter, more consistent
spend strategy

Effective, efficient spend analysis requires a taxonomy specifically built for organizing and identifying procurement savings opportunities. Our taxonomy design is designed to identify specific, actionable opportunities for sourcing and cost reduction at the subcategory level.


Quickly identify priority cost
savings opportunities with Opportunity Assessment

Remove the complexity of digging through data manually and gain a clear view of your spend, categorized to highlight potential savings opportunities.

  • Ability to visualize custom spend analytics reports / dashboards
  • Strategic sourcing and opportunity assessment capability utilizing strategic sourcing best practices and Corcentric’s proprietary knowledge repository

Custom Procurement Analytics

Powered by People & Business Intelligence

Since not all sourcing data is always in one place, Corcentric’s team of data experts consolidate, normalize, cleanse, categorize and present disparate data sources into valuable analytics across the source-to-pay process. Whether it be due to M&A or part of wider decentralized organization, Corcentric develops custom procurement analytics dashboards and KPIs for creating intelligence from disparate data sources to create actionable intelligence and improve procurement’s performance.

Analytics, insights, and intelligence to make smarter decisions

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Did you know?


of companies rely on analytics to
gain competitve advantage.

Source: MIT SLoan Review & SAS Institute

Ann -Sofie Brodin
Purchasing Manager, Scania (Great Britain)
“Corcentric (Determine) had the most user friendly interface, the most flexibility – thanks to its modularity and configuration capability; and the team understood very early on what we needed.”

Industry leaders and fast growing companies alike rely on our Spend + Procurement Analytics

Turn addressable spend
into realized savings

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