Man, Moment, Machine: CLM Technology Enters Its Third Decade

Corcentric SpendConsultant

Opportunity Assessment

If there’s one thing we know, it’s how to get savings for our clients.  In fact, SpendConsultant’s developers have conducted strategic sourcing initiatives for clients of all sizes for over three decades.  In that time, we’ve learned how to spot an opportunity. We’ve packaged those years of lessons into SpendConsultant.    Our strategic sourcing opportunity assessment platform will help you understand the savings and strategic sourcing strategies available to your organization.

The Process

The first step in our Strategic Sourcing Opportunity Assessment is to gain an understanding of your existing spend profile. We initiate this process by conducting a traditional spend analysis. We collect your raw data, cleanse it, aggregate it, and classify it into our procurement-friendly taxonomy. Lastly, one of the strategic sourcing consultants at Source One reviews your spend cube for accuracy and provides access to our online module.

Sourcing-Focused Data Enrichment

After our spend analysis is complete, we cross-reference your spend data with that of similar organizations we’ve supported in the past. This enables us to supplement your historical spend with an opportunity assessment that provides sourcing strategies, best practices, and savings levers. You can pursue these savings opportunities alone, or you can leverage Source One to execute a strategic sourcing initiative.

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