Spendmatters: Maximizing Operational Performance With Source-To-Pay Software


Finance executives need to utilize effective tools to increase operational performance. The right source-to-pay software can help any business enhance output while concurrently decreasing this expenditure. Implementing reliable system to control workflows and costs provides an organization with potent weapon to maximize efficiencies.

Source-to-pay software is web-based process to manage purchase orders and payments. This kind of software helps streamline the ordering process and minimize costs. Bulk purchases can be coordinated and approval processes simplified. All of these improvements in the procurement process speed up the timeline and reduce both human labor and transaction costs.

The appropriate software package also automates invoice management processes, meaning receipt of goods is more accurate and invoices for payment more timely. With integrated approval workflows and multi-level approval routing, there is significant visibility into the payment cycle. Source-to-pay solutions even include analytics to identify discrepancies and ensure payment accuracy.

Ensuring payments are correct and timely is imperative for businesses to reduce vendor disputes. Source-to-pay software permits companies to manage MSA’s and contracts better, including renewables and extension strategies. Procurement tasks from requisitions to selecting suppliers to approvals become automated. These solutions are tailor-made to increase efficiency and visibility within organizations.

From cost reduction to improved compliance to creating paperless electronic system, there are host of advantages to using source-to-pay tools. Organizations gain insight into total supply chain costs and clearer perspective as to what to expect. This type of spendmatters software can positively impact businesses on both micro and macro level, leading to better profitability and higher quality.

No two businesses are identical and the same is true of their needs when choosing source-to-pay solution. To maximize the operational performance of firm, executives should contemplate the pros and cons of this type of technology and select an appropriate package. Use of source-to-pay solutions is not likely to disappoint businesses seeking to increase efficiency and accuracy.