Strategic Sourcing: Leverage Managed Services For Maximum Cost Savings


The procurement and sourcing challenges that face manufacturers of all sizes are well known. Such challenges can hinder even the most positive financial performance trends. To get the most out of their overarching procurement strategies, manufacturers should consider leveraging managed services for cost savings. In this article, we will take look at the potential that strategic sourcing and procurement consulting presents, and provide step-by-step guide to help manufacturers make the most of the services.

First and foremost, it is important to understand the fundamental value of managed services and the specific benefits it can deliver. By outsourcing portion of the procurement and sourcing process, manufacturers can delegate the management of specific operations to third-party provider. This delegation can reduce the workload on in-house staff and provide numerous advantages, including streamlined procurement processes, improved vendor relationships, and cost savings.

The next step is to assess what specific managed services manufacturer requires. There is wide range of specialized services, such as supply chain analysis, contract negotiations and procurement program optimization, that can help manufacturers tailor their approach and reach the desired outcomes, both in the short- and long-term.

Once the managed services are identified, the manufacturer must then select vendor who can provide the required services. When selecting vendor, it is important to evaluate their past performance, as well as their ability to offer the right suite of services, commitment to quality and customer focus.

After selecting the vendor and the managed services, the manufacturer can begin working with the vendor on proactive strategy. Such strategy should cover the full range of operations, from product selection to production and inventory management. In doing so, the goal would be to ensure that the supplier’s services and products are consistently meeting the highest standards of quality and specifications while adhering to the manufacturer’s budget.

Finally, manufacturers should regularly review their strategic sourcing and procurement services to ensure that the efforts are delivering the desired results. This means tracking supply chain performance, evaluating cost savings, and examining the success of contract negotiations. Any changes in the vendor services should also be monitored, and timely adjustments should be made in response.

By following these steps and utilizing managed services, manufacturing businesses of all sizes can optimize their procurement and sourcing strategy, strengthen their purchasing power, and ultimately achieve maximum cost savings.