Streamline Finance With Order To Cash Software


Organizations of any size rely on efficient order to cash processes to support cash flow, drive customer retention, and accelerate revenue growth. Despite this, many global business functions, such as order entry and invoicing, still rely heavily on manual processes, making it difficult to stay on top of cash collection. The solution is to automate and streamline the entire order to cash flow with comprehensive order to cash software.

To capitalize on the many benefits of order to cash software, decision-makers must first understand what it is and the capabilities of their organizations software of choice. By addressing these questions, C-suit is can move forward with confidence knowing their organization can reap the rewards of properly implemented order to cash software solution.

What is Order To Cash Software?

Order to cash (OTC) software is platform that automates the order entry and billing process while providing more streamlined customer purchase and payment experience. OTC software works by gathering customer data and leveraging automation to continually track customer and order information throughout the entire order to cash process.

Typically, OTC systems facilitate custom workflow, beginning with order entry, followed by invoicing and collection, and concluding with payments. Automating the order to cash process eliminates manual data entry and control points, enabling organizations to more efficiently manage cash flows, reduce errors, streamline operations, and gain better understanding of their customers and their needs.

How Does an Organization Benefit From Order To Cash Software?

Sophisticated OTC software solutions provide organizations with range of advantages and benefits, including:

? Faster order entry and billing for improved customer experience

? more efficient workflow for improved efficiency and accuracy

? Error reduction due to less manual data input and fewer control points

? Improved customer relation management to encourage customer retention

? Greater control over cash flow due to more accurate and automated collection process

? Favorable invoicing terms based on customer data insights gathered from the OTC process

In addition to achieving operational benefits, organizations adopting OTC software experience improved financial performance as well. Delinquent accounts receivables and collection costs are reduced and cash is received more quickly. Higher customer satisfaction levels lead to increased customer loyalty, higher sales, and more competitive pricing.

What Questions Should C-Suite Executives Ask When Evaluating Order To Cash Software Solutions?

When evaluating OTC software solutions, C-suite executives should ask the following questions:

? Does the software have the capability to automate the entire order to cash process?

? Does the software have the necessary integration capabilities with existing it isystems?

? Is the software customizable for specific customer or organization requirements?

? Is the software?s user interface intuitive and easy to use?

? Is the software updated regularly with the latest features and functionality?

? Is the level of customer service provided sufficient and responsive?

? What are the total cost of ownership figures, such as implementation, training, upgrades, and support?

? What are the upgrade and maintenance terms?

? How secure is the software and what is the data recovery plan in the event of disaster?

By asking these questions, executives can gain better understanding of the capabilities and limitations of the OTC solutions they evaluate and effectively assess the return on investment for each solution. Ultimately, this will enable them to decide which OTC software solution provides the best value for their organizations specific requirements.


Order to cash software is powerful solution for increasing efficiency and accuracy throughout the entire order to cash process. With the right order to cash software, organizations can reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and streamline the entire order to cash process for significant return on investment. As decision makers evaluate OTC solutions, they should ensure the software offers the necessary capabilities and ensure integration, capability and cost capabilities align with their organizations requirements. With this in mind, they can make sound decision on the most effective OTC solution for their organization.