The Advantages Of Automated ARProcessing


In the ever-changing landscape of accounts receivable processing, robust order-to-cash solutions are essential to staying competitive. Automated AR processing is an increasingly popular alternative to manual entry systems, offering significant advantages to executive teams looking to strengthen their financial operations. This guide will offer comprehensive overview of automated AR processing, benefitting companies across industries?from retail to healthcare.

What is Automated AR Processing?

Automated accounts receivable processing is the use of software programs to automate the accounts receivable process. This involves capturing and entering customer invoices, processing payments, following up with customers for overdue payments, and updating accounting records. By upgrading from manual entry systems, AR automation enables companies to streamline payment processes and reduce manual entry errors.

Benefits of Automated Accounts Receivable

Automated accounts receivable processing offers numerous advantages over manual entry systems. These benefits include the following:

Reduced Costs: Automated AR processing eliminates manual labor costs and allows teams to operate with more efficiency. With less time spent manually entering data and sending out reminders, you can maximize the time and resources of your team by spending time on tasks other than tracking down missing payments.

Streamlined Payments: Automated AR enables teams to bypass manual data entry and allows invoices to be immediately processed. This removes the possibility for human error, making it easier to accurately process payments. Automated AR also allows teams to set up recurring billing for customers.

Improved Cash Flow Management: Automated AR software helps with cash flow management, allowing you to view and manage invoices, receivables, and payments in real-time. This allows teams to stay on top of overdue accounts and get paid faster.

Enhanced Customer Relationships: Automated AR can help build stronger relationships with customers as it isimplifies the payments process and allows customers to choose when and how they want to pay. Enhanced customer relations can lead to increased sales and more efficient operations.

Step-by-Step Guide to Automating AR Processing

1. Choose Suitable Software: The first step is to review and select suitable software solution for accounts receivable processing. Look for features such as customizable payment terms, automated reminders, and payment methods that best suit your customer’s needs.

2. Set-up the Software: Once you have chosen software, review and set it up according to your companies needs. Make sure all of your contact and financial information is accurate and up-to-date.

3. Train Your Team: Train your team on how to use and navigate the software. Make sure they are comfortable and have clear understanding of the task at hand.

4. Introduce the Software to Customers: When all of your team members are up to date on the software, it is time to introduce the system to your customers. Send out emails and newsletters, or reach out directly to customers to review the new payment system.

5. Monitor Systems: Monitor your system and make sure all payments are processed accurately and in timely manner. Ensure that customer data is accurate and up-to-date.


Automated AR Processing is great way to simplify and streamline your accounts receivable process. By following the step-by-step guide outlined here, executive teams can start to reap the benefits of automated accounts receivable processing and enhance their financial operations.