The Benefits Of Eprocurement Logiciel D’Approvisionnement


Eprocurement Logiciel D’Approvisionnement (ELDA) is source-to-pay software solution designed to facilitate streamlined, efficient procurement process. ELDA is well suited to serve the needs of C-suite executives in the finance department, such as Chief Financial Officers, who require methods that simplify the procurement of goods and services from multiple vendors. To those unfamiliar with ELDA and its range of abilities, this article will provide an introduction to the software and the key benefits it provides for businesses.

Advantages of Eprocurement Logiciel D’Approvisionnement

ELDA offers range of advantages to CFOs and other finance department executives, including:

1. Lower costs: ELDA helps CFOs reduce costs by streamlining the entire procurement process. It features powerful contract management functionality that includes automated tools to evaluate and analyze contracts, while simplifying the process of creating, executing, and managing contracts. This ensures that the organization can always get the best possible terms, with minimized expenditure.

2. Automation of the vendor selection process: ELDA’s automated vendor selection process eliminates the need for manual data entry which is time-consuming and prone to errors. This process also reduces the effort required to research and evaluate vendors, prioritize vendors based on their financial stability, and compare quotes from multiple providers.

3. Improved efficiency: ELDA drastically reduces the complexity and manual labor associated with the procurement process. This translates into improved efficiency, which helps the organizationsave time and resources, and prioritize its resources appropriately. In addition, ELDA’s in-depth reporting and analytics capabilities allow businesses to track the efficiency and productivity of its procurement process.

4. Reduction in risks: ELDA reduces the risk of procurement budgets being overrun or not met. The software?s built-in reporting and analytics capabilities also provide better insights into the number and value of goods and services businesses are procuring, enabling CFOs to better control procurement costs and make more informed budgeting decisions.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using ELDA

1. Sign up for an ELDA account and log into the Dashboard.

2. On the left-hand navigation of the Dashboard, use the navigation bar to locate the ?Contract Management? button, and select it.

3. Click on ?New Contract?, and fill in all the necessary information, such as vendor details, contract terms, and product details.

4. When you have completed entering the information, click ?Create? at the bottom of the page to finish creating the contract.

5. Your contract will be reviewed by the ELDA platform for accuracy and completion. Once it is approved, you will be notified of the contract’s approval.

6. Once you have completed the contract setup, it is time to use the software to review, evaluate, and compare quotes from different vendors. Click on the ?Vendor Selection? button on the left-hand navigation of the Dashboard.

7. Enter the details of what you are looking for and ELDA will provide you with list of potential vendors to choose from.

8. Select the vendors that you would like to evaluate further and ELDA will generate comparison report and allow you to compare the bids from each vendor.

9. After reviewing the bids and making selection, it is time to create purchase order for the chosen vendor. Click on the ?Purchase Order? button on the left navigation of the Dashboard.

10. Fill in the necessary details of the order, such as product details and delivery instructions.

11. When you have completed entering the information, click ?Create? at the bottom of the page to finish creating the purchase order.

12. Your purchase order will be reviewed and processed by the ELDA platform and approved by the vendor selected.

13. Once the vendor has processed the order and the goods have been delivered, ELDA will create an invoice.

14. You will be able to monitor and track all payments received, as well as all associated documents, with ELDA?s automated invoice management system.


ELDA?s benefits to finance departments and CFOs has been clearly illustrated in this article. By streamlining the procurement process and reducing costs, ELDA allows CFOs to save time and money and enjoy improved efficiency. Its automated vendor selection process and comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities enable businesses to make smarter decisions, reducing the risk of procurement budgets being overrun or not met. The outlined step-by-step guide above provides users with simple understanding of how to use ELDA, and the article has demonstrated the many advantages associated with this powerful software solution.