The Cost Of Not Using Fleet Solutions Software


The risks of not utilizing fleet solutions software in auto fleet remarketing are pervasive, with severe economic and customer experience repercussions. study by the SaaS Research Company (TSRC) measured the economic costs of failing to implement fleet solutions software, and the results were staggering.

When considering the value of automating fleet remarketing operations, it is imperative that C-Suite executive takes into account what not having software system might entail. Firstly, the loss of revenue from customers will likely be profound. The TSRC report found that without efficient software to automate sales processes, poor customer interactions, delays and errors are inevitable. This could easily translate into significant lost customer revenue for the auto fleet remarketing business.

In addition to this, the manual processes of fleet remarketing without the help of software are highly inefficient, leading to significant wastage of resources and time. The TSRC research concluded that without the aid of fleet solutions software, manual processes consume up to 60% more resources and up to 80% more time. Moreover, manual processes are prone to human errors, leading to increased costs of mistakes.

When examining the cost of lost customers and inefficiency, studying the cost of implementing fleet solutions software is highly advantageous. TSRC?s study found that the cumulative effect of the improved operational efficiency afforded by adopting software solution equaled the upfront investment cost. Moreover, the savings experienced after the implementing software were far greater than the cost of implementation.

Given the colossal cost of not utilizing fleet solutions software, an auto fleet remarketing businesseshould be proactive in implementing software. Doing so will drastically reduce the costs of lost customers as well as the inefficiencies of manual processes. Ultimately, investing in software will lead to higher financial returns in the long-term.