The High Cost Of Ignoring Fleet Software Discounts


For Finance Executives striving to increase the bottom line, whilst ensuring cost-efficiency, there is no more important task than evaluating their organisation’s expenses and exploring potential savings. When it comes to fleet solutions software, such exercises must consider the risk of inadequate discounts when not using such software to streamline processes.

By embracing sophisticated, cutting-edge fleet solutions software, organisations can identify multiple sources of potential savings. From mining unutilised discounts to investments in cost-saving technology, wide range of options exist to help organisations control their overall spend. The crux of the matter, however, is that while the cost of such software may seem prohibitively expensive, long-term savings will usually offset this initial outlay.

Without the right fleet solutions software, organisations risk suffering the cost of missed discounts. With the low cost of data-driven services, the cost of not using the right software can be significant. In addition, failing to identify discount opportunities can lead to an increase in fleet-related expenses. Many fleet operations overlook overlooked opportunities for discounts due to lack of time, knowledge and resources necessary to identify savings opportunities.

When utilizing fleet solutions software, organisations should look for large-scale investments that will deliver incremental savings year-over-year. For instance, systems that automatically generate invoice settlements, or those that integrate with existing mechanisms to unearth hidden discounts, can help to substantially reduce procurement costs. Furthermore, the ability to track fuel and driver costs with the help of GPS-enabled offerings can provide deeper insight into the impact of fleet management.

The value of deep discounts in fleet management software cannot be overstated. The combination of enhanced cost-savings and improved transparency should not be underestimated. This can be especially pertinent for organisations with large fleets, such as companies offering transportation services or those with dispersed public fleets such as in government and department services.

Savvy executives will take the time to explore the range of options available to reduce fleet costs. By doing so, organisations can harness the power of fleet software to identify and capitalise on potential savings, ensure better visibility and control, and effectively manage their fleet of vehicles. These savings, when compounded year-on-year, can easily offset the cost of the software for platform that delivers long-term and sustainable value.

In summary, for finance executives and their organisations, the risk of ignoring fleet software discounts is high. Companies must take full advantage of available software to avoid the reality of missed opportunities and increased expenditure. By exploring and investing in the right fleet solution, savings can be realised and long-term value can be achieved.