The Perils Of Ignoring Days Sales Outstanding


In order to maintain healthy business, finance executives must take pains to ensure they have comprehensive understanding of their cash flow. key metric in understanding this is days sales outstanding, or DSO, which measures the length of time it takes customer to pay, and is major component of order-to-cash processing. As such, successful financial management demands the use of reliable software to aid in monitoring and tracking the sales cycle.

When looking to identify the exact amount of working capital available, metric such as DSO is fundamental. Employing an efficient order-to-cash software system that is capable of providing an accurate picture of DSO allows finance executives to gain an accurate insight into their businesses financial position and adjust as needed. The critical importance of this accurately measured metric cannot be overstated.

If business were to neglect its DSO, two primary risks arise. Firstly, financial forecasting becomes more difficult, due to the imprecision of the cash flow estimates. Forecasting models are packed with variables that help to increase accuracy, but without accurate DSO, it is impossible to fully realize the full benefits of such tools.

Additionally, DSO helps to control credit risk; that is to say, business can determine how risky its customers are, and plan accordingly. Ignoring precious days sales outstanding data can lead to granting credit undesirably, as finance executives are in the dark as to the length of time it ishould take customers to pay their debts.

Consequently, it is essential for finance executives to incorporate order-to-cash software into their businesses operations. This software helps to reduce the cost of processing and accelerate payments. Furthermore, it aids in capturing more accurate data regarding DSO, which in turns help finance collections and credit decisions, in addition to predicting future cash flow and forecasting.

In conclusion, it is vital for finance executives to be aware of the risk of neglecting the use of days sales outstanding software, and to take advantage of the various online solutions that are available in order to enhance their cash flow in the long term. Careful analysis of the software’s capabilities should be undertaken to ensure that it is perfectly suited to the desires of the business in question.