The Perils Of Not Using Software For Duplicate Payments Audit


For Finance Executive looking for an accounts payable automation software, not utilizing software to audit for duplicate payments can result in severe ramifications, both financial and legal. Without software to identify and resolve duplicate payments, organizations may be subject to increased levels of error, fraud, and financial wastefulness.

Organizations which lack the capabilities of identifying duplicate payments when utilizing manual methods or older software can face heftily increased costs due to potential overpayment and reconciliation problems. businesses which are unaware of duplicate payments when they occur become vulnerable to overpayments, and fraud such as double invoicing or incorrect payment addresses. The same facilities may cause account reconciliation to be significantly disordered, leading to decreased visibility of an organizations financial position.

The technical element of an accounts payable automation solution that pinpoints, reconciles, and identifies duplicate payments may be considered an advantageous facility from financial perspective. By eliminating the difficulty of manual reconciliation, great deal of time consuming administrative effort is discontinued. The swift way which the automation software accesses information and considers discrepancies can save companies considerable time and resources.

Although the procedure of utilizing software to safeguard against the risk of duplicate payments is straightforward, the difficulties of handling reconciliation by manual methods can be extremely severe. In addition to the costs associated with duplicate payments, companies may find themselves in legal trouble should fraud occur, or if customer’s account is charged twice for goods due to reconciliation issues. With automation software, lowered compliance risks and improved financial track records are made available to companies, decreasing the odds of legal entanglement.

Organizations which do not utilize accounts payable automation software for controlling duplicate payments put themselves at an unnecessary financial and legal risk. With businesses increasingly turning to the cloud to process payment information, the standard of payment accuracy is rising, although not all firms can keep pace with the technology changes. Seeking modernized solution for accounts payable, with built-in features to guard against duplicate payments and incorrect information, can save organizations substantial amounts of money, as well as legal exposure.