The Perils Of Skipping Deduction Management Automation


Foregoing automation in deduction management is perilous decision for finance executives in organizations of any size. Software solutions that allow robust approach to deduction management across an order to cash operation offer several huge advantages over manual processes. Automation can be leveraged to make deductions processing more accurate, faster, and more efficient. Organizations that ignore the opportunity to automate risk slowdowns in cash flow and substandard customer service, as well as wasting resources on beyond-necessary overhead.

Speed and AccuracyObviously, the impact of manual processing on resources is the most immediate. Labour costs associated with manually reviewing and entering customer deductions are, in many cases, so high as to be prohibitive. Software solutions can streamline current processes as well as provide higher accuracy by eliminating manual entries of customer deductions which can potentially cause data errors. Automation quickly and accurately identifies documents and amounts that need reconciling, without requiring direct human oversight, allowing for faster analysis and resolution.

Process EfficienciesMoreover, automated solutions enable organizations to leverage the power of process automation for the entire order to cash cycle. Automated solutions organize customer deductions into an easy to understand visual dashboard that strategically reduces response time from discovery to resolution. Policies and processes embedded into the deduction management system enable the implementation of automated notifications, case escalation, and dispute tracking to facilitate efficient collaboration and resolution.

Cash FlowFinance executives can short-circuit cash flow by investing in software solution designed to manage customer deductions. Automation provides organizations with real-time visibility into and control over all deductions, enabling quicker close of the accounts receivable invoicing?to?payment cycle. Faster resolution ultimately reduces collections efforts and allows organizations to get paid faster while improving customer relations.

Customer RelationsIn an age of renewal, automation solutions provide organizations with the opportunity to differentiate customer service. Automating deductions simultaneously expedit is complaint resolution and strengthens the bond between customer and organization by delivering heightened level of satisfaction regarding the issue resolution process.

Without leveraging the power of automated solutions for deduction management, organizations risk draining resources and negating opportunities for growth. Speedier resolution of customer deductions enabled through organizations leveraging software solutions can make the difference between payables piling up or cash flowing back into the accounts. As such, finance executives should consider deduction management automation as an integral part of their order to cash software solution.