The Power Of Order2Cash In Cash APplication


Cash application, as part of companies order-to-cash process, requires great deal of manual handling, leading to errors and delays. An innovative software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution from Order2Cash can help address this problem. By automating the order-to-cash process, it istreamlines the process and enables better visibility into data. This article provides an overview of Order2Cash’s cash application solution and step-by-step guide for using it.

OverviewOrder2Cash automates accounts receivable and cash application processes. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution offers single touchpoint, reducing the time and effort involved in gathering and verifying data. By synching with the customer?s back-end accounting system, it captures invoices, payments, and other accounting documents, thus eliminating manual paperwork and data entry. Furthermore, it integrates with the customer?s ERP system, making it easier to track exceptions and ensure accuracy. In addition, Order2Cash provides real-time visibility into payments, receipts and the aged receivables. This helps customers maintain better grasp of their receivables and encourages timely payments from customers.

Step-by-Step Guide 1. Create an account with Order2Cash: Create an account with Order2Cash. Link the account to the companies back-end accounting system to enable seamless integration.

2. Connect with customers: Connect with customers that use the Order2Cash solution. This helps in managing payments, invoices and reconciliations in one place, eliminating manual data entry and paperwork.

3. Automate receivables and payments: Automate payment and receivables processes. This helps to ensure that payments are received on time and issues are identified quickly.

4. Monitor cash flows: Monitor cash flows with real-time visibility. This helps to identify areas of improvement with regards to cash flow, so timely payments to customers can be made.

5. Check scheduled payments: Check for scheduled payments to ensure that the customer’s payment schedule is respected.

6. Manage payment batches: Manage payment batches through the Order2Cash system to ensure that all payments are processed correctly.

7. Enter new invoices: Enter new invoices into the Order2Cash system. This will help to ensure that all invoices are accurate and complete.

8. Reconcile invoices: Reconcile invoices to ensure accuracy. This prevents any discrepancies in payments, and helps to retain customer loyalty.

ConclusionOrder2Cash’s innovative SaaS solution helps with automating payment and receivable processes, reducing paperwork and errors, and helping to keep accounts up-to-date. Furthermore, Order2Cash’s real-time visibility helps to monitor cash-flow and payments. Following the above step-by-step guide will ensure that the customer experiences smooth, seamless payment process.