Unleashing Operational Performance Through Software-Driven ARAutomation


For financial executives looking to invest in new, cutting-edge technologies to drive their order-to-cash cycle and strengthen their customer experience, the answer lies in software-led accounts receivable (AR) automation. With todays automated AR processes, organizations can enhance their operational performance and unlock cost-saving budgetary opportunities while receiving payment faster.

AR automation, key part of the order-to-cash cycle, accelerates customer payments and keeps customer accounts current and accurate. Automation streamlines the billing process by turning invoices into emails and eliminates the back-office trouble of chasing customers for payments that can mount up if not done in timely manner. Automated AR software helps keep track of customer preferences, payment history, payment methods, select default payment terms, discounts, and other relevant information that makes it easier to optimize the invoicing process.

Without adequate technology, organizations struggle to keep track of their customers? profiles and cash flow. By employing AR automation tools, financial executives do not have to juggle various manual tasks. Automated features help reduce operating expenses, reduce payment problems, and improve cash flow. The software does the work of generating and tracking emails and notifications, prompting customers regarding their outstanding invoices, and following up on late payments.

The implementation of automated AR includes several tangible benefits that senior financial executives can take advantage of. For instance, AR automation offers improved accuracy, greater visibility and control over customer payments, and streamlined payment processing, from generation to acceptance of payments. Not only does this reduce the amount of time necessary in the order-to-cash process, but it will empower finance teams to make informed decisions about their customers with real-time visibility.

By leveraging automation, trial balances and invoicing accuracy can be dramatically improved as well. Automated reconciliation helps finance teams to quickly monitor payments, past due balance, and customer profiles which reduces errors in invoicing and improves data accuracy. By streamlining the process, remittance discrepancies are eliminated, which improves customer dispute resolution times and speeds up the collections process.

With these new technologies, organizations that have traditionally operated with manual AR systems are able to more efficiently manage the order-to-cash cycle while simultaneously minimizing overhead costs. Financial executives who seek to transform their process can reap the rewards of deploying an automated AR software solution, including decreased payment cycles, improved customer experience, and enhanced cash flow visibility. Automated AR also allows for customization of invoice creation and payments for different types of transactions, making it easier for customers to understand invoices and become familiar with the payment process.

In conclusion, automating AR processes is valuable way for finance executives to reap long-term budget savings, reduce process complexity, and drive financial success with an order-to-cash software solution. Automated AR technology provides an enhanced customer experience, real-time visibility of their accounts, and improved accuracy of customer payments. These benefits combined create win-win scenario, allowing businesses to expand their customer base, increase retention, and ultimately fuel their bottom line.