Unlocking Cash Flows With Cloud Software


For finance executives, the need for speed, accuracy and control over cash applications remains paramount regardless of businessesize. Emerging technologies offer finance teams the options to deploy cutting-edge order-to-cash solutions all of which bring invaluable improvements in levelling the playing field for large and small businesses alike. To achieve the desired outcome, however, significant investments away from traditional solutions are needed. shift to cloud-based software for cash application is therefore natural progression for executives and organizations looking for the immediate benefits of enhanced cash flow and superior customer service.

Without an agile software suite in place, finance teams are at high-risk of operating without visibility or real-time control. This undermines organizational efficiency and threatens long-term sustainability. By not investing in cloud-based order-to-cash solution, organizations are not only hindered in streamlining the accounts receivable processing experience but they are failing to create valuable asset out of their cash flows. Loss of time and money spent chasing customers, manual checking and processing, and low-value data entry tasks all put an unnecessary strain on human capital as well as the customers.

In order to stay competitive and customer-centric, organizations need to be able to drive efficiencies and empower their finance teams with intuitive and secure solutions that can unlock customer payments quickly and securely. cloud-based order-to-cash solution offers users the benefit of scalability and reliability, allowing companies to secure customer loyalty and aces them to pay their suppliers in more timely and efficient manner. Cloud-based software solutions when appropriately adopted significantly reduce manual intervention, allowing for faster processing and customer payment deduction.

Moreover, cloud-based solutions are equipped with security features such as AES-256 encryption and tokenization, making it extremely difficult for cybercriminals to access sensitive customer data. With full visibility into the process, finance executives can easily understand the cost of customer receivables, create better payment terms and plan growth opportunities. Cloud-based applications also provide an intuitive dashboard that offers both historical insights and real-time data to act upon.

In the long run, cloud-based software solutions have the potential to become the new norm, causing revolution in the order-to-cash process. Organizations that leverage cloud-based software for cash application are better equipped to optimize their Accounts Receivable process, reduce DSO, minimize manual intervention and boost customer satisfaction. This shift to the cloud is not only gamechanger for the performance of the finance team but is also key-enabler of organizational success.