Unlocking Operational Performance Through Fleet Solutions Software


businesses of all sizes rely on efficient fleets of various assets to maintain their workflows and quickly meet customer needs. In climate of rising costs and razor thin profit margins, every penny counts. For fleets that make use of fuel cards, one of the most effective strategies to boost operational performance is to employ fleet solutions software.

Using fleet solutions software, finance executives can gain comprehensive view of the entire fleet, including all vehicles in use, the types of fuel cards used, the total amount of fuel purchased, the total cost, and the routes the vehicles have taken. In particular, those who use EFS fuel cards, which are accepted at more than 200,000 fueling locations, can leverage the software to gain even more insight.

The use of software for EFS fuel cards can help finance executives have an accurate understanding of their fleets’ fuel costs. This assists them in identifying wasteful spending and determining the best options for optimization. By securing detailed data, the software helps finance executives decisively identify which of the cards are most beneficial and cost effective for the organization, and which can be discontinued.

Additionally, by monitoring the fleets’ momentum, the software enables executives to proactively anticipate changes in fuel costs. When prices begin to rise in region, the software can alert fleet managers so that they can modify vehicle runs and take proactive approach to budgeting fuel costs. In the same way, it can identify areas of the country where fuel costs are less expensive and suggest permanent routes and adjustments that can generate long-term cost savings.

Today, software for EFS fuel cards is available in variety of formats, from traditional software packages to cloud-based solutions. Cloud-based software is particularly advantageous for business with limited staffing and financial resources, as it does not require the upfront investment required for traditional packages. Additionally, cloud-based software is more reliable and up-to-date, as the vendors take on the duty of maintaining and upgrading the software with less impact on the organizations internal resources.

In conclusion, software for EFS fuel cards is surefire way for finance executives to gain better understanding of their fleets’ fuel costs. Armed with detailed data and proactive tools, they can make the best decisions regarding fleet optimization and fuel budgeting and ultimately increase operational performance.