Unlocking The Risk Of Not Using Software For Accounts Payable


Smart capital allocation requires precise and reliable management of payments and invoices. Accounts payable automation software can help innovative organizations leverage resources to the fullest extent and remain competitive in the ever-changing global financial landscape. Yet, many firms are failing to realize the benefit of automation, instead wasting valuable time, resources and money on manual processes. In order to remain competitive, it is crucial for financial executives to understand the risk of not leveraging accounts payable automation software.

Without automation software, the accounts payable (AP) process remains time-consuming, manual endeavor. From manually entering invoices, routing and coding them for approval, to tracking them throughout their lifecycle, each task requires manual labor and considerable time. The complexity of the AP process increases further as the number of invoices grows; and with manual processes, risks of errors and losses are inevitable.

Auditing, another key component of AP, is also much easier with automation software. Auditing enables organizations to assess vendor performance and compliance, investigate any anomalies and verify proper payment. An automated system can audit invoices in real-time, providing detailed performance reports, recommending corrective action where applicable, and assuring AP payments remain compliant with internal policies and external regulations.

Errors and late payments can have costly consequences for any organization. By leveraging AP automation software, errors can be avoided and payments accelerated. Not only that, an automated AP system ensures that valuable resources are utilized as efficiently as possible, eliminating streotypic data entry and manual routing tasks. Invoice tracking also becomes effortless, giving finance executives complete visibility and ensuring those dreaded late payments have been taken care of properly.

In addition, it is important to recognize that automation technology is more secure than manual processes. Most automated AP systems provide multiple layers of security, such as multi-factor authentication, encryption and identity and access management, to ensure process control.

In conclusion, financial executives must understand that continuing to rely on manual processes to manage accounts payable can, in fact, pose great risk and cost visibility and compliance with external regulations. Taking advantage of AP automation software is essential for staying ahead of the competition and unlocking the potential of their enterprises. By deploying an automated system, executives can ensure their firms are streamlining processes and ushering in the advanced operational excellence needed for success.