Unlocking Value With Automated Software For Ar: An Executive’s Guide


Automated software for accounts receivable has become an essential tool in managing the order to cash process, streamlining and improving the way financial operations are handled for businesses of all sizes. The increased efficiency and cost savings that automation affords should not be underestimated software can reduce manual entry redundancies, accelerate payment processes and eliminate errors from paper-dependent payment cycles. As result, executives and those in senior finance positions should be aware of the capabilities of automated software for AR and how to most effectively utilize this powerful solution for order to cash operations.

The simplified onboarding process for automated software for AR stands in stark contrast to more complex, manual systems that require significant training, incur extra costs, and require more time to manage. Furthermore, the comprehensive feature set of automated software such as automated receivables management, electronic invoice processing, dynamic discounting and pay-in-advance functionality offers companies the opportunity to shore up their cash flow and generate significant cost savings.

When evaluating an automated software solution for AR, executives should consider the following factors:

a) Usability: How easy is it to set up and to access? Does the product offer user-friendly interface? Does the vendor offer 24/7 support?

b) Security: How secure is the product? Does it encrypt data? Does it offer strong authentication and authorization of users?

c) Customization: Can the product be tailored to companies unique needs? Will it integrate with existing systems (ERP, CRM, accounting programs, etc.)?

d) Reporting and Insights: Does the product provide easy-to-access, meaningful reporting and analytics? Are real-time insights into vendor payment trends and customer behavior available?

e) Scalability: Does the product offer flexible, scalable capacity as companies needs change? Does it provide built-in capacity to grow and accept high transaction volume?

The benefits of automated software for AR are clear, but not all solutions offer the same level of capabilities and performance. Executives should thoroughly assess the available options and select solution that meets the companies requirements, as well as offers robust security, usability and insights. Automated software for AR can provide significant return on investment and should be an essential part of any companies order to cash process.