Upgrading Order To Cash Systems: Exploring Automated Cash APplication Software


As finance executive searching for the most efficient and cost-effective methods to improve the management of your organizations order to cash processes, you may be looking into the potential offered by automated cash application software. This kind of software is designed to automate the cash application process, which involves customer payments as well as receipts, thereby reducing the number of manual tasks involved.

In this article, we will explore the key elements of automated cash application software and discuss the potential benefits of such system and how they can be realized. We will also look at the expected investment required to implement this type of solution, and conclude by outlining some questions that you may wish to consider when assessing such system.

What Is Automated Cash Application Software?

Automated cash application software streamlines and simplifies the order to cash process by automating the customer payments and associated transactions, thereby eliminating the need for manual intervention. Instead, the software applies the payment to the customer invoice automatically and concurrently processes the customer receipts.

The software uses customer-defined rules to accurately match the payments and receipts. This is of particular benefit for organizations with high-volume of payments, or those with complex or irregular payment patterns.

Benefits Of Automated Cash Application Software

An automated cash application software solution can bring range of benefits to an organization looking to improve their order to cash processes.

Firstly, it can optimize the process itself by ensuring that payments are applied accurately and quickly. This has the potential to reduce late payments and ensure better levels of customer satisfaction.

It can also improve cash-flow related processes, such as dispute resolution and reconciliations, by providing better visibility over customer payments. The software?s automated process ensures that customer payments are accurately assigned to the correct invoices, helping to minimize any discrepancies or disputes.

Expected Investment Of Automated Cash Application Software

When considering such software solution, you may want to consider in your expected investment. Automated cash application software follows subscription-based pricing model, with the cost being determined by the size and complexity of your organization. Additional costs may be incurred for setup, training, and ongoing support.

In addition to the monetary investment, there may be some workload considerations too. There is likely to be some data-entry required for set-up and ongoing customization, as well as the need for staff or consultants to provide support and maintenance.

Questions To Consider

As you evaluate the potential of automated cash application software, some of the questions you may wish to consider include:

? Is the software capable of meeting the needs of my organization, in terms of customer payment volume, payment complexity, and related processes?

? What is the expected ROI of the system?

? Is the software easily scalable and customizable?

? Are there any additional costs involved in terms of set-up, training, or ongoing maintenance?

? Does the software have reliable and robust security measures in place to protect customer data?

? Is the software vendor reputable and reputable?


Automated cash application software is powerful tool to help organizations streamline their order to cash processes, eliminate manual tasks and optimize customer payment accuracy. The benefits of such solution can be wide-reaching, from improved customer satisfaction and cash-flow to lowered risk of disputes and discrepancies.

When considering such system, it is important to consider the return on investment and make sure that the software vendor is of high quality and reliable in order to protect customer data. By weighing up the potential benefits with the expected cost and workload, you can make an informed decision as to whether such software solution is the right fit for your organization.