Upping Operational Performance Through Accounts Payable Automation Software


It is wise for finance executives to consider the potential efficiency payroll automation software could achieve for their accounts. Automation software simplifies receiving invoices, making the task of issuing payments easier and faster. Additionally, an accounts payable automation system combines invoices and makes them compliant with any applicable tax regulations. In short, automation software amplifies the efficiency of an organizations existing accounts payable system.

But how does one determine if automation software is the right solution? Read on to learn what features you should consider when selecting accounts payable software, as well as strategies to streamline accounts payable processes and optimize organizational performance.

Features of Automation Software

The most common features of automation software include:

? Robust search mechanisms: Automation software can help you find, update, and store all the data you need quickly and easily.

? Automated three-way matching: Automated three-way matching makes sure purchase order matches an invoice and the actual products delivered, thus further boosting accuracy and improving financial oversight.

? Timely payments: Automation software helps finance staff stay on top of timely payments, avoid late fees, and mitigate operational losses due to late payments.

? Accuracy/reduction of errors: Automation software reduces the instances of errors, as it does much of the tedious manual accounting work for staff member.

? Scalable and secure: Automation software can be scaled to your changing organizational needs, as well as easily update its features.

? Reducing labor costs: Automating manual accounting tasks saves time and money in labor costs and allows you to reallocate the savings towards other avenues.

Strategies to Streamline Accounts Payable

Underneath the surface, automation software improves accounts payable operations in various ways that can lead to huge increases in efficiency. Below are few strategies that organizations can use to streamline their accounts payable processes:

? Move to electronic invoicing: To avoid manual data entry and the inherent errors associated with it, switch to using e-invoices. Invite suppliers to share invoices electronically, cutting down on paper bills and postage costs.

? Automate approval processes: Create approval rules that bypass the manual approval process and facilitate faster payment processing.

? Take advantage of discounts: Create automated payment rules tailored to each supplier. With these rules set in, you can pay their invoices to minimize spending and maximize savings through discounts.

? Monitor vendor performance: Automation software can help you track vendor data so you can understand the full scope of performance improvement those partnerships require.

? Use integrated data: Leverage automation software to provide added insights into the performance of accounts payable processes, from the financial staff to the C-suite.

Ultimately, accounts payable automation software can help your organization to outpace its competitors and improve operational performance. As such, it is in the interest of both the financial staff and C-suite to consider the benefits of adopting accounts payable software. Seeking comprehensive accounts payable solution with integrated data can provide the extra insights needed to take the performance of an organizations existing accounts payable system to the next level.