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Cor360 Payments

Support the entire AP automation workflow

From PO creation and communication to the supplier, all the way through to paying the supplier on time, every time.
Our B2B payments solution is capable of centralizing and managing 100% of your payments – checks, ACH, wire, or Vcards. Now you can cut costs and secure against fraud while getting rid of the tedious task of writing checks.

The intersection of technology and service

Automating your B2B payments is faster and more reliable for you and your suppliers. Suppliers love the predictability and visibility; you’ll love the reduced processing costs, elimination of non-core activities, and improved control that enables you to significantly reduce the cost of doing business.

Most electronic payments solutions are very similar. But the disruption to your business that new initiatives might cause is often how their success is defined.

We deliver at the intersection of technology and service – to ease the burden of implementing and maintaining an effective, centralized electronic payments solution.


How it works

Corcentric’s B2B payments solution connects the payments process, invoice automation, and your ERP into one connected workflow so invoices can move from payment approval to payment disbursement faster, with less manual intervention.

From day one of implementation, we nearly eliminate your payment processing costs and the burden payments are putting on your teams.  You’ll no longer need to manage various payment methods and disbursements. Instead, we deliver your approved payments to your vendors.  With access to a simple, user-friendly status and reporting tool, both you and your suppliers will have 24/7 access to payment details, status, and remittance information.


The Benefits

  • Eliminate the cost of manual check runs
  • Reduce inefficiency and administrative burden
  • Support scalability without adding headcount
  • Ease supplier friction
  • Maximize early pay offers
  • More easily detect/thwart fraud
  • Process efficiency
  • Cash flow visibility
  • Better working capital management



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